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Produk: GGQ Grease Pipeline Filter
Kelebihan produk:
1. Max. operation 40Mpa
2. Filter accuracy 120mm
3. For pipe line grease filtering

GGQ grease pipeline filter used for grease centralized lubrication system with max. working pressure of 40MPa, is a filter to ensure that the medium in pipe line of centralized lubrication system is working properly, The lubrication point will be able to receive a certain degree of purity of the grease after the filter is mounted and the structure of GGQ grease pipeline filter is very simple. The GGQ grease pipeline filter is installed between the oil outlet of the lubrication pump (manual, electric pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.) and the main supplying pipe line of lubrication system, in order to remove residual impurities from the grease.

GGQ grease pipeline filter is designed like, Y-type structure makes it easy to wash and replacement, clean up the filter core down the impurities, the installation and removal of GGQ grease pipeline filter is extremely simple and convenient for industrial operation.

GGQ Grease Pipeline Filter Instructions:

  1. The use of media for the cone penetration of 265 ~ 385 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # -2 #).
  2. The filter accuracy of 120mm.
  3. The maximum temperature of 120 ℃.
  4. According to the direction of the arrow, the use of live form installed in the easy to clean and easy to replace the lubrication pump outlet pipe.
  5. The filter mesh should be regularly checked and clean.

Kod Susunan Siri Penapis Saluran Paip GGQ


(1) HS = Dengan Industri Hudsun
(2) GGQ = Salur Pipa Penapis GGQ siri
(3) P= Maks. Operasi 40Mpa.
(4) saiz
(5) Thread: R = Rc-Type Threaded; G = G-BSP Type Threaded
(6) Untuk Maklumat Lanjut

Dimensi Penapis Paip GGQ Grease

Salur Pipeline Filter GGQ Series
modelMax. tekanandABCDBerat
GGQ-P840MPaR1 / 4


GGQ-P10R3 / 8


GGQ-P15R1 / 2


GGQ-P20R3 / 4